Splash Screen Machine

Splash Screen Machine 4.1

Creates customized splash screen applications
4.1 (See all)
Modify existing programs and processes on a personal computer by adding a splash image appearing whenever the selected element is launched. The utility generates such images and attaches them to regular processes, autorun files, etc. Exporting output files to a disk is possible.

Create custom splash screen applications that display an image on screen and then run a program or any other type of file. Use transparent images with variable or single colour transparency - perfect for non-rectangular splash screens! Optionally generate an Autorun file for use with splash screens that are distributed on CD. Specify system requirements that must be met for a splash screen to run - splash screens can check the operating system, screen resolution and colour quality of the end user's computer. Incorporate audio to play a signature tune, sound effect, or oral message when a splash screen is displayed. Specify the exact length of time that a splash screen is shown for, and specify the point at which the target file is run. A number of example splash screens can be downloaded from the manufacturer's web site.

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